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Let’s Get This Inking Adventure Started!

Take a look at the load of awesome-ness that UPS delivered to me!


A tad overwhelmed? Maybe. A tad elated? Definitely! And I may have been just a bit peeved that my itty-bitties expected me to parent them after the boxes arrived. Fix you dinner? Wipe your tushy? Give you a bath?  Hello, itty-bitties, do you not understand the magnitude of Was I also a tad delusional? I plead the 5th!

My inventory has been logged and I am developing my inspiration folders. There are countless projects I have rattling around my head. I can’t wait to showcase the cards and projects that will stem from the framelits, stamps, paper, ink, and embellishments shown above. Stayed tuned for previews of the cards and projects I’ll be sharing. You won’t be disappointed!

Thanks for checking out my blog and for coming along on this inking adventure with me!


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